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LE PASSAGE is a Shanghai-based brand consultancy and production house, specializing in brand strategy, content creation and production, PR marketing and communications. We take our client's vision and customize online to offline services to build brand image and help clients successfully rebranded themselves with local marketing communication strategies. We are visionaries, and we tell stories.
LE PASSAGE 是位于上海的品牌策略咨询及创意内容制作公司。我们根据品牌及企业需求,提供量身定制的全套解决方案。着力于品牌策略、品牌内容到品牌传播三个核心,以灵活创新的思维和高效执行力,为客户提升及传播品牌文化和品牌形象,助力品牌及企业成功实现商业转型。
FOUNDER ・团队创始人
Tang Chan, the founder of LE PASSAGE, who has globally been worked in the cultural and creative industry for more than 11 years. She moved to Paris in 2016, after working as an editor at THE OUTLOOK MAGAZINE, one of the leading magazines in China. Since then, she was a contributor for LIFE, ELLE, ELLE MEN, Little Thing Magazine, NOT, and iWeekly. In the meantime, she creates the initial concept of LE PASSAGE and starts her own business. Tang has rich project experience in the field of fashion, art, design, lifestyle, and etc. She works closely with a bunch of great artists and content partners across Asia and Europe.
Our clients cover areas as diverse as fashion, cosmetics, home furnishing, lifestyle, organic healthy drink, boutique hotel and resort, and automotive industry. Our client list has included MINI CHINA, JNBY, JNBYHOME, PEACEBIRD MAN, EIN, NISISS, LONGCHAMP, MUJI, SUNYATA HOTEL, CHAO HOTEL, LANGJIN, THELAWN, BOUNDLESS, HENG SHU, TACITURNLI, and etc.
LE PASSAGE 服务客户类型涵盖国际汽车品牌、中国服装品牌、护肤美妆品牌、家居及生活方式品牌、主题度假酒店品牌、精品设计酒店品牌,以及设计师品牌。客户名单包括 MINI 中国、既下山、JNBYPEACEBIRD MENEIN、怡夕、珑骧、CHAO 酒店、JNBYHOME、浪金、THELAWN、没邊/ BOUNDLESSHENG SHUTACITURNLI等。
LE PASSAGE works closely with Chinese-language edition of VOGUE, ELLE, FIGARO, T, GQ, NUMERO, WALLPAPER, ELLE DECORATION, AD, and new-media platforms like NOWNESS, VICE, Modern Weekly, HYPEBEAST, and etc. We also partner with the most influential key opinion leaders across China, Japan, U.S.A. and Europe.
LE PASSAGE 在中国、日本、美国及欧洲等地区拥有固定的拍摄采编团队及内容合作伙伴,并与国内传统媒体、新媒体、公众号平台及意见领袖保持着紧密合作,包括且不仅限于 VOGUEELLEFIGAROGQ 智族、大都市、周末画报、VICE 中国、i-D,以及新媒体平台 NOWNESSHYPEBEASTGQ 实验室、好奇心日报等等。
Please feel free to contact us for any sort of production, consulting or partnership inquiries,
just say Hi to info@lepassage.cn or follow us on: