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LE PASSAGE, as the long-term creative partner of JNBYHOME, continues to work with the brand to search all over the world for interesting and fun people who are outside the box, even during the year of 2020. A year filled with uncertainty and emotional ups and downs for all of us.  By telling a vivid story of a person and their home, we hope that we could bring out the positive side of life for people, which is also the brand value of JNBYHOME. In this issue of LIVE LIVELY, we have selected Theodora Melnik, a German girl based in Berlin, and Zhu Dingzhen, a plant expert based in Hangzhou, to show how young people moving around in the big city use plants to decorate and even build a home.
LE PASSAGE 作为江南布衣集团旗下生活方式品牌 JNBYHOME 的长期创意合作伙伴,在2020年这个充满不确定性与情绪起伏的一年,我们依然与 JNBYHOME 携手,探访全球有趣好玩、打破常规的人们,希望透过讲述一个个人物与家的生动故事,为大家带来一丝积极的生活能量,向大众传递 JNBYHOME 所秉持的品牌价值观及生活态度。在本期 LIVE LIVELY 中, 我们甄选了住在柏林的德国姑娘 Theodora Melnik 和安家杭州的植物达人竹顶针,来展示在大城市辗转的年轻人如何用植物构筑自己的“家园”。
Theodora Melink is both an interior blogger and a plant lover from Berlin, Germany. Over the 8 years, she has transformed a 64 m² 

来自德国柏林的家居博主 Theodora Malnik,同时也是一位植物爱好者。她用8年的时间一点一滴地改造自己 64m² 的「老破小」,把它变成18万ins粉丝羡慕的理想之家。

Zhu Dingzhen is a specialist in plant living in Hangzhou. He has turned his home in Hangzhou into a portable nature museum to heal the young hearts of those who move around the big city.

Client JNBY
Production LE PASSAGE
Producer/Creative Director TANG CHAN
Photographer THEODORA MELNIK (Theodora), BANYE LIN (Zhu Dingzhen)
Stylist YUHAN ZHANG (Zhu Dingzhen)
Video Editing XUAN LIN (Zhu Dingzhen)
Copy YUHAN ZHANG (Theodora Zhu Dingzhen)
Project Management YINING ZHOU (Theodora), KIT WONG (Zhu Dingzhen)