LE PASSAGE - SUNYATA HOTEL Publication Planning and Production

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In November 2020, renowned technology brand vivo launched OriginOS - a new smartphone operating system - demonstrating the brand's innovative strength and rethinking of smartphone systems.

LE PASSAGE was invited to participate in the creative content planning of the OriginOS communication campaign and produced interactive WeChat account articles and product brochures. We created a unique interactive experience based on the distinctive properties of the media carrier and engaged in a dialogue with consumers in both the digital and real worlds, hoping to convey OriginOS's new concepts and actual sentiments to the public.

2020年11月,知名科技品牌 vivo 推出全新智能手机操作系统 OriginOS,彰显着品牌的创新实力和对手机系统的重新思考。

LE PASSAGE 受品牌之邀参与 OriginOS 创意传播的内容策划,并制作了交互型公众号推文和实体产品手册。围绕媒介载体的独有属性,创造出与众不同的互动体验,与消费者在数字世界和现实世界进行对话,将 OriginOS 全新理念及更真实的情感传递给大众。

基于 OriginOS 所塑造的全新交互逻辑,以及具有温度和情感的视窗概念,我们从日常的真实体验出发,在线上传播推广中融入了契合 OriginOS 系统设计亮点的一系列互动动作。凝结着雾气与雨水的玻璃屏幕,是生活场景中常见的画面,不自觉的手指擦拭,以下意识的行为唤起人们在数字世界中对于物理世界的微妙连结与感知。

Based on the new interaction logic of OriginOS and the emotional concept of the interface, we combined a series of interactive motions that fit the design and highlights of the OriginOS system into the online communication campaign from the real daily experience. The glass screen with fog and rain is a typical scene in real life, and the unconscious behaviour of wiping evokes the subtle connection and perception of the physical world in the digital sphere.

信息过载的时代更需要感知。受到 OriginOS 用全新系统打破数字世界的冰冷现状所触动,我们以「纸」作为媒介,将其核心理念与产品内容制作成册。当它传递到用户手中时,是一份「可触摸、可感知」的诚意礼物。

产品手册延续了公众号推文的主视觉方向,读者翻开封面便进入到了「OriginOS 全新数字世界」,内页以精美的概念星球图像为蓝本,意指 OriginOS 的无限可能。

In an era of information overload, there is a larger need for perception. Inspired by OriginOS's new system that breaks the cold status quo of the digital world, we used "paper" as a medium to create a brochure. It combines OriginOS's core concepts and product contents. When the brochure is delivered to users, it is a sincere gift that is "touchable and perceptible”.

The product brochure continues the main visual direction of the public tweets. The reader enters the "new digital world of OriginOS" by opening the cover. The inner pages are based on beautiful images of the concept planet, referring to the infinite possibilities of OriginOS.

装帧创意方面,则采用了折叠拉页的形式将封面与封底一体化,绚丽的 OriginOS 彩虹色与 vivo 品牌主色作为内衬,并通过高品质的 UV 印刷工艺呈现出品牌质感。

It uses a folded pull-out page to integrate the front and back covers in creative binding, and the gorgeous OriginOS rainbow colors with the main vivo brand colors are used as the lining. Through the high-quality UV printing process to present the brand quality.

OriginOS 设计团队此次还联合了艺术家 Lewis Orton 创作出7朵极具视觉震撼力的动态花朵,将花的绽放过程与用户日常行走步数相关联,通过壁纸就能感受到物理世界的美妙变幻。


The OriginOS design team also joined with artist Lewis Orton to create seven visually stunning dynamic flowers. Correlating the blooming process of the flowers with the number of steps the user takes in daily life. Allowing the user to feel the marvellous transformation of the physical world through the wallpaper.

According to this romantic design idea, we have made various creative experiments. Extracted the single-frame images of the flowers "opening" and "closing". Designed them into a fun and reminiscent film card which is embedded in the end page of the booklet in the form of a hollow card sleeve. Readers can see the dynamic images of flowers from budding to blooming when they pull the card.

这个极其简单的动作,不仅增添了产品手册的阅读体验,同时也是 OriginOS 数字体验的「实体」延展,以此回应「以贴近现实的真实体验,触达本能的情感」这一初衷。

This simple action not only adds to the reading experience of the brochure, but also serves as a "physical" extension of the OriginOS digital experience. Responding to the original intention of "touching instinctive emotions with real experiences".